Temporalmente Fuera de Servicio

Temporarily out of service

From the pristine waters of Antarctica

Nestled inside Alberto de Agostini’s National Park in Tierra del Fuego, Sixty South® is the first and only producer of sustainable salmon raised in this rare and isolated location.

Discover Sixty South®

Born and raised
on nature’s terms

Never treated with antibiotics.
No added hormones.
No antifouling chemicals.
Environmentally conscious.
Sustainably farmed.

Our Impact


Precise feeding techniques and a carefully selected diet lessens our impact on wild fish. We produce more than we consume.

Our people are our passion

Is it passion or madness to raise salmon in such conditions? Freezing temperatures, 12-hour voyages to and from our farms, tempestuous weather. This is what it takes to produce nature’s finest salmon in the pure Antarctic.

Meet the team

we are committed to the people of tierra del fuego

When you work in such a remote location, caring for your people is just as important as caring for your product. It’s why we invest in local programs for education, infrastructure, sports, recreation, social care, community action, and technical trainings, as well as a subsidized housing construction program, to serve our people and community of Porvenir.

Our community commitments

Year-round supply of pure taste

Our pure Antarctic waters create the ideal setting for raising salmon of uniquely rich flavor, texture and delicate quality. Available year-round in a variety of fresh and frozen forms.

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