Protected and isolated

Imagine a place so isolated, it is pristine. A place where the waters are as pure as they are icy cold. This is where we raise our salmon.

Sixty South® is more than 1,500 km away from other major salmon producers, and closer to Antarctica than any large city, industry or production site.

Proudly, we are the only producer operating inside the Alberto de Agostini national park, recognized for our relentless efforts to preserve the fragile ecosystem and beauty of Tierra del Fuego. Thanks to the world’s most isolated, southern location, we can guarantee a quality, purity and continuity of supply that customers can trust.

Unparalleled purity

Scientifically rated as one of the purest waters in the world, the isolated location of Tierra del Fuego coupled with its cold temperatures help inhibit the growth of bacteria and parasites that can threaten the health and quality of our salmon.

At the same time, tidal currents constantly drain the fjords where our farms are located to ensure the waters are well oxygenated and consistently refreshed. Preserving these conditions is not only part of our DNA, it’s what makes our unique business and sustainable salmon possible.

Among the coldest waters in the world

Our glacial conditions nurture healthy salmon unlike any other.

Each of our farming sites was carefully selected for its low and stable water temperatures. Temperatures lower than those found in Canada, Faroe Island, Norway and Scotland throughout the year.

This stability is critical to the quality of our salmon as prolonged stretches of icy cold water promotes a succulent flavor profile, a richness of Omega3 fatty acids, and a well-marbled texture.